Heiðarsson Research Group

Mechanism of transcriptional regulation on the single-molecule level 


Transcription factors are dynamic protein molecules that regulate genomic architecture and transcription of genes. We study how the structure and dynamics of transcription factors allow them to navigate and modulate the genome, and how they enable cell fate decisions to be made. We are particularly invested in deciphering the activity of transcription factors involved in cell reprogramming and applying rational design approaches to harness these factors for efficient cell fate control. 


We use an integrative approach by combining single-molecule and ensemble techniques, biochemistry, and computer simulations, to obtain a microscopic molecular view of transcription factor action. 



Our lab is part of the Science Institute and the Biomedical Center, both within the University of Iceland, and we are affiliated with the REPIN Centre at the University of Copenhagen. Our research is funded by grants from the Europan Research Council (ERC), the Icelandic Centre for Research (Rannís), University of Iceland, and the Icelandic Cancer Society.